Spring Boot and Spring Batch Integration Example

– Tutorial “Spring Boot and Spring Batch Integration Example – Import CSV data to PostgreSQL database using Spring Batch Job”

Spring Batch is a powerful module to implement a batch process for tons of data conveniently. This tutorial guide you how to import CSV Data to PostgreSQL Database using Spring Batch Job.

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MongoDB SpringBoot Upload & Parse CSV file using RestAPI to (Atlas) MongoDB

Tutorial: SpringBoot + MongoDB – Upload CSV file using RestAPI SpringBoot (Read CSV and Parse CSV with SpringBoot)

Creating SpringBoot RestAPIs to upload and download multiple CSV files to (Atlas ) MongoDB is one of the most common question in the development world. Going through the tutorial post”SpringBoot Upload Download Multiple CSV files to MySQL/PostgreSQL”, I explain details how to do it by step to step with coding and give you 100% running source code. What we will do?

– I draw an overview diagram architecture of SpringBoot RestAPI Upload CSV Files.
– I use Spring Web to development Spring RestApis.
– I use ApacheCommon or Open CSV libraries to parse and read CSV files.
– I use SpringData MongoDB to save data from CSV files to MongoDB.
– I implement a SpringBoot Global Exception Handler when uploading with a very big files and fail.
– I use Ajax and Bootstrap to implement a frontend client to upload/download CSV files.

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