How to integrate Angular 9 with SpringBoot tutorial

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source platform for mobile and desktop web application. It is loved by million of developers arround the world. Angular puts you in control over scalability and working with huge data requirements by building data models on RxJS, Immutable.js with maximum speed.

SpringBoot is a Java-based framework led by Pivotal Team and is used to create a micro Service ready Spring Application. It provides a good enviroment for Java developers to create a stand-alone and production spring application with minimun configurations.

“How to integrate Angular (current version is Angular 9 when writting the post) with SpringBoot (current version is SpringBoot 2.x)?” is one of the most question for Java and Angular developers? creates the tutorial to guide step by step how to do it with a clearly and easy way for starting.

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What will we do in the tutorial?

  1. Prepare Angular development environment
  2. Create an Angular 9 project
  3. Create a SpringBoot RestAPI project
  4. Integrate Angular 9 and SpringBoot

Now let’s go!

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SpringBoot + PostgreSQL CRUD using Spring JPA tutorial

– Example Integrate SpringBoot 2.x + PostgreSQL CRUD using Spring JPA tutorial

How to integrate SpringBoot and PostgreSQL? It is the one of most common questions for developers. So in the post, I will help you to try it with Spring JPA. Here is a to do list for the tutorial:

  • Overview of Project Structure
  • Create SpringBoot with Spring Data JPA and PostgreSQL dependencies
  • Configuration SpringBoot to connect to PostgreSQL
  • Define a data model to map with table’s columns in PostgreSQL database
  • Define a JPA Repository to do CRUD operations
  • Use CommandLineRunner to excute above JPA Repository APIs: save, retrieve, update, detele entities

To do the tutorial, you need prepare Java >= 1.8, Spring Tool Suite in local computer for development.

Let’s go !
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